Spring Has Sprung!

Today is the first day of spring. It has been a really cold winter and reports have it we’re going to be getting more snow this next Tuesday. I’m kind of in the mindset that we’ll get one more big snow storm before the trees and flowers start to bud out big time. That’s me! Hopefully we’ll just ease into spring. Haven’t talked much with my author friend as he’s been rather busy with his teaching position. As for myself, just going through life. Hopefully I’ll have a more profound article to post in the near future, but only time will tell.

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Lost In The Numbers

I had lunch with an author friend of mine the other day when the weather permitted us to get out and about. It was still cold, low single digits. We meet at one of the local coffee shops and talked about what was going on with the weather, the world and our lives. About half way through our lunch, my friend simply said, “I’m considering giving up writing!” I pushed back in my seat and just stared for the longest time.

“Why?” I eventually found my voice. He gave me a half smile, then said that his books weren’t selling well and then he proceeded to tell me about the occasion where he meet a foreign exchange student at the university where he works who made a profound statement. The young man was from Africa and his statement was this: “Everyone in America is writing a book!” My author friend said that he went home with that thought haunting him the entire evening and for several days afterward.

“It’s true!” he shot back at me. “Just look on Amazon!” I have to admit that my lunch with my friend gave me a new perspective of the books I see on Amazon and our local Barnes and Noble. Just how does one really make it writing these days? Certainly not my friend, who has to work at a real job and not rely on book sales to feed him and his family. It gave me pause to really rethink that even what I put down here on this blog is really worth the time and effort.

There is so many words and so many books out there that getting lost in the numbers is a very real thing. One has to wonder why bother anymore?

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Another New Year!

Another new year! How about that! Looks like we might be in for a little more rough seas ahead as far as the economy and world situations go, but that’s how life has been for the last year or so. Looking back at last year’s New Year’s post seems like I haven’t gotten too much into this blog thing as I wanted to, but that’s okay. Life happens and we just have to roll with it.

I will not say that I will do more here, just will try to do as I can. The lingering emotions of loss that my wife has had in regards to her friend’s death are less now, but the emotional scars are still a little evident. This too will pass and she will move on with life.

As for me, just doing what I’m doing and getting by with that. Doing a little reading that has peeked my interest. Might post a few things in that regard, but we’ll see about that. Finally gave away my guitar to a friend’s daughter who’s getting started into making music. Figured she could use it more than me as it’s been over twenty years since I played in a band and about ten years since I played that old guitar. Still a great guitar with a great sound that I bought back in 1970. I know it will serve her well. She may go on to be the next Taylor Swift, who knows.

So, that’s how it is, the first day of this new year. Where the life road leads from here is hard to say, but I’m sure there will be some bumps, potholes and a host of rocky terrain to go through. But that’s okay. Life can’t be a super highway all the time. Sometimes it’s good to take the scenic route regardless of the twists and turns.

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