Before Winter Reminder

Well, it looks like I’m back again just when we’re getting close to the official start of winter. Course this has been a very strange fall indeed. I think we might be in for some really heavy snow fall as winter officially starts, but I image the folks in Buffalo, New York have had their fill of it already. My wife is looking for a very significant amount of snow since we’ve only had under a foot so far. We’ll see, for me, spending winter in Florida seems more inviting.

Today is the sixth anniversary of losing our good friend to cancer. She was a fun girl and we think about her quite often. She was fun to be with and made us laugh a lot of the time. We know that she is with her Creator and is probably making Him laugh as I write this. We miss you, Missy, we really do.

Haven’t had a change to meet with my writer friend as he’s winding things down for the semester at the university. Hopefully during the Christmas break we’ll catch up and have some coffee at our favorite hangout. So, there it is, the latest post and might be another change of the season before I’m back. We’ll see.

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Falling Into Fall

Seems like I only post when the seasons are changing, or about to change. Life’s funny that way and for me it would seem that things just pull me along and writing slips into the cracks on the sidewalk as we go along. Haven’t heard much out of my writer friend, except that his mother, who lived in England, passed away back in August and he had to go there to make funeral arrangements and settle the estate. It was pretty hard on him. He spent a little time with his daughter in Germany and then came home to start back at the university. Perhaps we’ll catch up on things later on in the year.

Doing odd jobs around the house and yard work and that alone keeps me kind of busy. Like being busy as it takes my mind of the things happening around the planet. For the most part those things don’t look very good, but if one focuses too much on that then life becomes more macabre than it all ready is.

The weather here is getting rather nippy and we’ve had some blustery days of late. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some snow flying around one of these mornings. It’s good to have a little nip in the air. We might have a cooler than normal Fall and then get blasted with a very cold Winter. We’ll see. Time to get out the apple cider and coffee.

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Heading Into Summer

Summer is not officially here for sixteen more days, but it feels like it has already arrived. Still having some cool days and a lot of rain, but for the most part it’s summer like weather for good now. Been doing a little yard work and helping a friend out for the summer doing a few odd jobs at his business. My writer friend has gone to Europe to visit his daughter and I don’t expect him back till about the middle of July or so. He told me at our little coffee meeting one morning before he left that he was still pondering his foreign student’s remarks about writers in America. I told him just let it go and do what you do best, which is teach and write. Hopefully he’ll have a good time in Europe and perhaps have some new ideas for another novel or two.

As for myself, still pondering all the technology going on around the planet. My wife keeps trying to convince me that I should get a smart phone, but I really don’t want to get addicted to this new “techno-high” people seemed to be doing all the time. While my friend and I were having coffee several weeks back, noticed four college girls at a table behind my friend. They were all on their smart phones doing whatever. I told my friend perhaps they were chatting with each other on their phones instead of actually talking face to face. He kind of chuckled and said, “Perhaps they’re doing face-time!” I just rolled my eyes and took a sip from my mug. So much for technology!

It looks like perhaps we’ll have a hot and wet summer considering the trend of the last few weeks here. Just means I’ll have to do a lot more yard work which will keep me busy. Don’t mind because it’s good to get outside and see what’s going on. Even your own backyard can be a place of adventure if you want it to be.

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